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Our Files

We want to encourage people to explore CNC technology, and hope this project can be a fun starting point for makers to create useful products their first time round.

View our project presets, downloadable instructions, and free vector files below.

The Rental Chair

This chair is the perfect addition to a renter's apartment- completely flat packable, it's easy to take apart, put in the trunk of a car, and move with. Our designs also keep in mind that some people need to walk with their furniture too; this chair can be comfortably carried in your arms constructed or deconstructed, weighing roughly (WEIGHT).

The Rental Desk

The Rental Desk is the ideal student desk, built to perfectly fit a computer, notebook, and whatever snack you need to get through hours of studying. Built in slots double as handles so the whole piece can be taken apart and carried with ease to any destination. Weighing roughly (WIEGHT), this desk is lightweight and sturdy, boosting productivity with its ambiance and easy customizability.

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