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Project Specifics

Seeking more information about how to replicate this project yourself? Download our comprehensive instructions, and reference our project iterations below.

What are the right materials?

This project has 3 main components to its materials: wood type, size, and bow. To answer succinctly, each furnishing in this project is made out of a:


4'x4' sheet of flat 3/4" birch plywood.

"I've printed! What now?"

This project prioritizes customizability and ease. There are several ways for you to finish this set to really make these items your own, including sanding, painting, and staining.


We highly recommend sanding your pieces after the CNC. Using 80-120 grit sandpaper to take off the sharp corners and remove any splintering from the CNC process can improve your general comfort with your furniture. Taking an orbital sander to each plane can smooth things out even better for later painting or staining, but even taking a sheet of sandpaper and hand sanding can help make your set feel more professional. Make sure to wipe away all sawdust residue before continuing, since leftover dust can interrupt the painting or staining process, or get into your clothes or carpets if left unattended.


Painting can be a great way to add your own personality to these sets. The design of these sets makes painting quick and easy, whether you want to make each set a uniform color or mix and match. We recommend priming before painting, and to keep in mind that adding layers of paint can increase the thickness of each section of plywood, and may tighten the tolerances when assembling the furniture itself.


Using wood stain can emphasize the natural beauty of your materials,  and adds a layer of protection against water and humidity. The barest kind of protection would be using mineral spirits to wipe away any residue on the surface, but this can also prepare the furniture for staining later. Be sure follow the instructions on your stain, and treat wood in a well ventilated area with appropriate respiratory protection.

Frequent Issues

CNC projects often run into similar issues. We want you to have the best possible experience with your set, and offer up our solutions to some common problems.

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